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2006 Mazda Bongo Friendee

A silver 2006 Mazda Bongo Friendee with an elevated pop-up roof is parked on a brick driveway next to a stone building. The van's side door is open, revealing part of the interior. It is a sunny day with a few clouds in the sky, and trees and grass are in the background.

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  • 2006
  • 104,776 miles
  • 2 berths
  • 2 belted seats
  • End bedroom
  • Rock n Roll bed
  • 3 owners
A silver 2006 Mazda Bongo Friendee is parked on a paved area with grass, trees, and a stone wall in the background. The van has tinted windows and six-spoke alloy wheels. The roof is raised, indicating it might be a camper van or a vehicle equipped for longer journeys.

This professionally converted 2006 Mazda Bongo, with 168622 kilometres on the clock, is a great opportunity for those wanting a Bongo from the final year of Friendee production. These “New Shape” Bongo Friendees were introduced to the Japanese market in 1999, and they ceased production in late 2005 when the factory burnt down. So if you want a Friendee, you can’t get newer than this.

A compact kitchen setup inside a 2006 Mazda Bongo Friendee camper van features a sink on the left and two gas burners on the right. It has a metallic cover partially opened, wooden cabinetry, and a small window in the background. A "no smoking" sign is visible above the burners.

Easy to drive, comfortable and full of charm, this little van would be perfect for a first time “Bongo Buddy”. Previously owned by a dedicated Bongo enthusiast from Leeds and a member of the Bongo Fury group, this vehicle has been loved as part of the family. It has undergone welding, a typical requirement for Bongos, ensuring its durability. The vehicle was undersealed upon import from Japan, meaning it can stand up to salt on British roads during winter.

The interior of a 2006 Mazda Bongo Friendee campervan is shown, featuring a seating area converted into a bed. The bed is made with multicolored cushions, primarily in shades of purple and gray. A window offers a view of another vehicle and a scenic landscape outside.

The vehicle starts and runs excellently, testament to its well-maintained condition. Inside, the Bongo offers practical features for comfortable living on the road, including a roll-down bed, a roof box for additional storage, and a kitchenette equipped with a sink, cooker, and cupboards for your convenience.

Interior of a 2006 Mazda Bongo Friendee camper van showing a wooden dinette table and cushioned seating area, with windows providing natural light. The kitchenette area includes a stovetop, sink, and overhead storage compartments. The seats and table have a combination of brown and purple shades.

As the last of its kind, this Bongo offers an opportunity for those interested in the model’s unique position as both a practical vehicle and a lovely little campervan. This model, with its automatic transmission and functional living space, presents a fantastic base for personalisation or can be enjoyed as is for weekend getaways and adventures.

Interior of a 2006 Mazda Bongo Friendee camper van featuring wooden cabinetry and storage compartments, a cushion-seated bench along the right side, and a window above the seating area. The space is lit with natural light, and another RV is visible through the window.

Reflecting on its journey and the specific care it has received, this 2006 Mazda Bongo presents itself as a notable option for enthusiasts or newcomers to the Bongo community. Its status as a vehicle cared for by an enthusiast, combined with the practical measures taken for its upkeep, makes it a worthy consideration for those looking join the ranks of the “Bongo Buddies”.

Interior view of a 2006 Mazda Bongo Friendee showing the driver's seat, dashboard, and steering wheel featuring the Mazda logo. The display panel includes a speedometer, tachometer, and fuel gauge. The gear shift is positioned on the console, and various controls are visible on the dash.

For a viewing, please make an appointment. The vehicle is located on our family farm in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

This vehicle is for sale

If you wish to place an enquiry, please fill out the form below. We will contact you with the details you provide.

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