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2007 Auto-Sleepers Sigma EL

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  • HN57PYG
  • 2007
  • 49,683 miles
  • 2 berths
  • 2 belted seats
  • End lounge
  • Lounge conversion
  • 7 owners

Perfect Couples’ Retreat Moho

A white 2007 Auto-Sleepers Sigma EL motorhome is parked on a brick driveway. The motorhome features multiple windows, a side door, and an external storage compartment. To the left, there is a small brick building, while grassy fields with a stone wall stretch out in the background.

Introducing for sale our Auto-Sleeper Sigma EL, a well-maintained and feature-rich motorhome, ideal for couples seeking a compact yet comfortable travel companion.

The image shows the front side of a white, modern 2007 Auto-Sleepers Sigma EL motorhome parked on a cobblestone surface. A stone building with a tiled roof is partially visible in the background. The motorhome has large side mirrors and a decorative design on its exterior.

Previously owned by a North Yorkshire couple and used exclusively for staycations, this charming moho is now seeking new adventures.Notably, it can be driven on a standard license, being under 3500kg.

A white 2007 Auto-Sleepers Sigma EL motorhome is parked on a paved area with a scenic background of rolling hills and distant towns. The motorhome, bearing the UK license plate "HN57 PVG," features a practical bike rack attached to the rear.

This 2007 EL model is sought after as it was the first by Auto-Sleeper to utilise a modern GRP-skinned sandwich structure for enhanced durability.

The image shows the interior of a 2007 Auto-Sleepers Sigma EL camper van featuring wooden cabinets, a built-in sink, a stovetop, a cushioned seating area at the back, and various storage compartments. The space is well-lit by overhead lights and natural light coming from the windows.

Picture yourselves sitting in the swivel cab seats, perhaps sipping coffee, as you decide on your next destination. Step inside to find a layout that caters exclusively to couples, with no belted seats in the rear, creating an intimate and cozy environment.

Interior of the 2007 Auto-Sleepers Sigma EL lounge area featuring a U-shaped seating arrangement with beige cushioned seats and matching throw pillows. Large windows are covered with beige curtains, and a wooden overhead storage compartment is visible.

The kitchen, with plenty of worktop, offers the ease of preparing meals while sharing stories. Across, find a practical full wardrobe for on-the-road living.

A compact bathroom in the 2007 Auto-Sleepers Sigma EL features a toilet, a small sink with a faucet, and a tall showerhead. Above the sink, a mirrored cabinet with frosted glass doors enhances space efficiency. The design boasts minimal fixtures and an all-white color scheme for an airy feel.

But the heart of this motorhome is the U-shaped lounge at the rear – a spacious haven for relaxation and socialising, bathed in natural light from the large windows and rooflight.

A close-up of a stainless steel sink in a 2007 Auto-Sleepers Sigma EL camper van kitchen. The sink has a curved faucet and is set into a clean, white countertop. The background shows the interior of the camper, including a window with a blind and seating area.

Significant upgrades include a 150-watt solar panel installed in 2021 by Carnforth Caravans. The inclusion of a WM Aquatec water filtration system guarantees clean water supply. Outisde find storage solutions and an accessible gas locker.

Interior of a 2007 Auto-Sleepers Sigma EL featuring a compact kitchen with a sink, stove, and countertop space. Adjacent to the kitchen is a seating area with a U-shaped sofa and a large window. The decor primarily consists of wood paneling with beige accents.

The vehicle’s maintenance history is impeccable, with full service records. A thorough habitation check was completed in November 2023 at Dalesview Caravans in Newby, with £600 worth of upgrades and repairs, including a comprehensive overhaul of the fridge system and electrical components.

The image shows the interior of a 2007 Auto-Sleepers Sigma EL campervan kitchen area, featuring a stovetop with four burners, an oven, a sink, and wooden cabinets. The stove has control knobs on the front. Beyond the kitchen, a driver's seat and passenger seat are visible.

The vehicle is equipped with ABS, driver’s airbag, and features like remote central-locking, electric windows, and mirrors with indicator repeaters.

Image of a 2007 Auto-Sleepers Sigma EL interior with wooden cabinetry and beige upholstered seating. The space includes a compact kitchen area with a stove, sink, and refrigerator. A flat-screen TV is mounted on the wall, and skylights provide natural lighting.

This 2007 Auto-Sleeper Sigma EL is a superb choice for those seeking a dependable, comfortable, and feature-rich motorhome, backed by Countryside Motorhomes’ 30-day guarantee, full habcheck upon sale, and personalised handover tuition. Embrace the freedom of the open road with this ready-to-go motorhome.

The image shows the interior of a well-lit 2007 Auto-Sleepers Sigma EL camper van. The kitchen area on the left includes a stove, oven, and cabinets. The living area on the right has an L-shaped sofa with cushions. Skylights and windows provide natural light in the space.

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