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2014 Auto-Trail Imala 715 Lowline

A 2014 Auto-Trail Imala 715 Lowline motorhome is parked on a paved area near a grassy field and stone building. The vehicle has a high roof and tinted windows, and it is situated under a cloudy sky with bare trees in the background.


  • 2014
  • 26,985 miles
  • 4 berths
  • 2 belted seats
  • End bedroom / washroom
  • French bed
  • 4 owners
A grey and white 2014 Auto-Trail Imala 715 Lowline camper van with a license plate reading "FY64 KVU" is parked on a cobblestone driveway. The van has "Auto-Trail" written on the front above the windshield. There is a tree and a grassy area in the background.

This charming Moho was previously treasured by a small family, it’s been a faithful travel companion on many exciting trips. Now, as the teenagers have grown and ventured out on their own paths, this beautiful motorhome is ready for its next chapter with you.

A 2014 Auto-Trail Imala 715 Lowline motorhome kitchen features a stove with multiple burners, an oven below, and a sink next to it. The area includes wooden cabinetry, a small countertop, and a window above the sink. An upholstered driver's seat and a cockpit area are visible to the left.

The heart of the Imala 715 is its welcoming living area. Bathed in natural light, thanks to the panoramic sunroof and large side windows, this space feels open and airy. Whether you’re reading a book, enjoying a cup of tea, or just relaxing, the ambient lighting and cozy furnishings in neutral oatmeal with red accents create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

The image shows the interior of a 2014 Auto-Trail Imala 715 Lowline RV with two parallel sofas featuring white upholstery and red patterned pillows. The space includes wooden cabinetry, a kitchenette with a stove, an overhead storage compartment, and a vent skylight.

The kitchen is a delight for those who love to cook. With a dual-fuel hob, separate oven and grill, and a conveniently placed microwave, preparing meals becomes an enjoyable part of your journey. Ample workspace and a cleverly designed retractable socket strip for multiple appliances make cooking both easy and efficient. The spacious layout ensures you never feel cramped, even when whipping up those holiday feasts.

A narrow RV bathroom with wood-paneled walls, part of the 2014 Auto-Trail Imala 715 Lowline. The area features a small white sink with a faucet mounted below a window with blinds. A closed door with a modern handle is on the left side. The flooring is light-colored, making the room appear bright.

The sealed shower cubicle and swivel toilet in the washroom offer the comforts of home while on the road. A handy hanging rail for towels and an air vent transforming the space into a drying room add to the practicality, ensuring you and your clothes stay fresh and ready for the next adventure.

A small bedroom in a 2014 Auto-Trail Imala 715 Lowline RV features a neatly made bed with a white mattress. The room includes a large window with a curtain, a wooden door slightly ajar, and a red headboard panel. Light brown walls and a countertop are also visible.

At the end of a day full of exploration, the French bed in the rear offers a cozy retreat. Measuring a comfortable 6ft 3in x 4ft 5in, it’s a snug spot for a restful night’s sleep. The unique layout provides easy access to the washroom, making it a practical choice for night-time convenience.

Interior of a 2014 Auto-Trail Imala 715 Lowline camper van showing two front seats, a central control dashboard with a mounted screen, and plush beige upholstery. The cozy, compact space is designed for traveling comfort, with natural light streaming in from the windows.

Storage is a breeze in the Imala 715. With generous space under the bed, accessible both from inside and through an external hatch, you can easily store all your travel essentials.

The 2014 Auto-Trail Imala 715 Lowline boasts a compact kitchen inside the RV, featuring wooden cabinetry, an oven with a stovetop, a microwave, and a dishwasher. A window sits above the sink, and to the left is a cozy seating area adorned with beige cushions and red patterned throw pillows.

This motorhome comes with a full habitation check and roof clean, a systems check by a qualified engineer, and a 30-day guarantee. Plus, with our handover tuition, you’ll feel confident and ready to hit the road.

View this gem in Halifax, West Yorkshire by appointment.

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